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We at Bloom Brain have always staunchly felt education and technology can do wonders together in a country like India. Bloom Brain occurred in our spirit of mind as a flash; a flash that made us realize the current situation in which education is being fed to students in India. Our country has a literacy rate of 74.04% and by literacy, we mean the illustrative part of our population that has the ability to read and write. Being literate is often muddled with being educated and that’s where from the crunch gets its roots. Education is all about being cognizant, capable, trained, seasoned and essentially insightful. Bloom Brain aims at imparting and inseminating knowledge and everything more within the kids who choose it, surmising the methodology as well as our long term intent. Ed Tech industry in our country has witnessed a colossal leap in the past decade, but has not been able to reach the larger part of our nation. 65% of our population has not been able to employ this approach in their study schedule. Bloom Brain aims at being the asset for the kids who haven’t been able to pursue what they have always wanted to and deserved too. Bloom Brain is seamless, so effective that it gives pleasure to the eyes watching; mind, grabbing and ears, listening.

We’ve used our brain’s brain to get this done. Our vision is different, very different. We want Bloom Brain to be visual delight; Ice-Cream to a kid. We want student’s to love our teachers for they’ll be their angels who’d however earn less, but give in all they have to make sure that the part of our population that has been devoid of all the facilities, learns better and proves to be our blazing tomorrow. We aim at creating stories that really for literally change the perception of teaching. Why would schools, boards and universities decide the future? Bloom Brain will announce the world that knowledge should decide. We at Bloom Brain will be the Escobars of teaching. With every cinch in teaching methodology, modern technology being provided to the students and without being a misery to their pockets, Bloom Brain is absolutely not going to be a competition to other’s in field. While many are a service, we are love; we are value while the rest are bucks; we are about students, not clients and while the rest prove to be stills Bloom Brain is all about creating moments. Bloom Brain has been introduced as a platform that will help us in bringing all wonders of education technology into concurrence and we are looking forward for having that done within no time.


Education is the only tool which gives direct stimulus to anyone’s demeanor. Everything that we are made of is defined by whether we learn, what we learn and how we learn. Bloombrain aims to answer those questions to millions of students who want to learn, rise and shine. Our resolution is to make students understand a concept like values which will ultimately help them solve real life problems in their lives. We aim to do that by using technology, engaging teachers and developing communities of students who have interest to build their intelligence and intellect to stand out. We want to shape the future of those who can or cannot – dream, aspire, and those who will ultimately become the future leaders of the globe.


Choosing us is chosing the “right to quality education’ with the assurance of best teachers, technology aids and most importantly a cohesive environment build around using a continuous feedback loop with student, teacher and parent. 
Chosing us is chosing to give your ward freedom to chose what they love learning and how they want to apply those in their lives with our continuous academic, co-curricular and personality development sessions and counsellings.
Chosing us is breaking through walls of confinement over horizons of learning without the fear of questioning, selecting, and unlocking the exact real potential of your ward.
Chosing us is making you ward chose himself over every other pressure in this world.




“Show me a person who never made a mistake, and I will show you a person who never did anything”

– William Rosenberg

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