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Our Powerful Teaching

Our Powerful TeachingBloombrain is a one- stop platform for your kids, inspiring them to be active knowledge seekers, imbibers and manifestors. With Bloombrain's  wide range of courses and activities offered on our  in-house, secured , highly engaging and interactive online Live Class platform, each student gets access to hand- picked, trained and highly skilled teachers which make the class and enriching experience while ensuring maximum learning outcomes. To develop a better understanding of concepts, we present rich interactive multimedia videos and creative lessons that allows students to learn at their own pace. Furthermore, we engage our students online, foster classroom culture, help parents stay connected, and much more.

  • Education : Scheduled Real Live classroom environment with online controls for all students to interact and ask doubts on Live audio and video enabled class from class 1st up till class 9th , studying with CBSE board.

  • Communication : We help your young child to start to overcome those fears and give them confidence to speak publicly about their opinions.

  • Invention : We teach children how to write computer codes through a self-guided gamification platform which induces creativity, logical reasoning  and pattern aesthetics amongst kids.




Why choose Bloombrain Live Classes?

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Engage learners

Due to our interactive sessions between students and instructors, students develop better problem-solving and communication skills. We aim to increase learner’s engagement with interactive whiteboard, polls and quizzes, etc.

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On-spot doubt clearance

We allow you to have group discussions with the teachers and fellow classmates and enable you to clear any queries related to the subject at the very moment when that subject/topic is being taught.

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Personalized Learning Platform

We help you to choose a variety of topics to improve your academic performance. All the necessary study materials are available in the database which students can access anytime with just a click.

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Powerful Learning Tool

Our programs engage children in core subjects like reading, writing, language, and develop analytical thinking, while encouraging creativity and building socio-emotional skills.

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